Online Study Tools

Here is a list of online resources for additional study. We cannot guarantee the usefulness or appropriateness of all the content of these pages, but we believe that they will be useful and beneficial. If you find anything objectionable, please contact the office and let us know (kbc(at)

Bible Study Tools:

Web sites with a searchable Bible are freely available on the internet. Many sites offer study tools that allow comparison of multiple translations and even the Greek and Hebrew scriptures (with free, downloadable fonts). Sound good? Try these sites:

Bible Gateway: Easy to navigate. Main translation is NIV. Many other translations are available.

Study Light: A wonderful site with numerous resources including a significant list of translations, Greek and Hebrew tools, lexicons, commentaries (most are older for copyright reasons), and other free resources.

Bible Crosswalk: A comprehensive site with many biblical resources. As well, there are links to Christian materials such as books, music and Christian ministries.

Blue Letter Bible: This site has good tools for Bible Study. Great supplemental resources.

Deeper Personal Study:

Want to Dig Deeper? Here are some advanced resources for study.

Elementary Greek: Here is a Greek course available online. Koine Greek is the language of the New Testament and a functional ability in this language will open up a whole range of tools and resources for study.

History and Theology:

For those who are interested in historical study or reference, these resources should be of assistance.

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library:A remarkable resource. It is a virtual library of writings, papers, histories, and other primary documents from church history. If there is a record of someone’s writings from history, it is probably here in this collection.

The Catholic Encyclopedia: This is an excellent resource that presents Protestant articles with a high measure of integrity.

Wikipedia: Quickly becoming the world’s best encyclopedia. It’s online, it’s free, and you can contribute to the articles.

Denominational Sites:

These sites will provide you with a wealth of material from other Baptists in Canada.


The Baptist World Alliance: The international organization for Baptists around the world.


Canadian Baptist Ministries: Our national Canadian Baptist organization which coordinates mission, relief and development and cooperative efforts between our Canadian Conventions and Unions.


These Conventions and Unions, from East to West include:

Other Baptist Partners in Ministry:

Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec

Baptist Church List: This website links to all churches in the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec (all churches that have web pages).

McMaster Divinity College: The Convention’s school for ministry training.